High Definition Stock Footage
Don't waste your time flipping through video thumbnails, looking for the right shot, until your eyes fall out.  Producers and advertisers are not interested in species as much as they need "a blue bird facing forward", or "a duck from the rear in a clear sky", or "a bird you might find in the Spring in Central Park". We have footage of practically every bird native to North America, and a lot of tropical species, too. We know our stock, how to find the shot you want, and can do it fast. 

Let us help you get your project done.
Unlike many stock houses that charge you according to what you will do with the footage, our pricing is simple.  Most of our clips are between $50.00 and $100.00 depending on length and complexity.  Occasionally one will be more.   We do have to ask a minimum of $100.00 for any order but these prices are among the lowest in the industry. Some of our most popular video is available through Nature Footage.
Once we find your footage, we will send it to you with time code for your approval, either as digital file, or on a DVD.  You choose what you want and we will send that, unencumbered, with ample handles in the format of your choice. (Additional charge for flash drive).
To see examples of our video, check out our Vimeo Channel 1.

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