As birders, we all have memorable events that have happened on the birding trail.  Maybe it was a raptor capturing prey, or returning it to a hungry nest.  Maybe some bird's spectacular courtship display.  Maybe a day when the weather cooperated to bring in more birds than you could have imagined.

To save these memories we all take photos.  Photos are great, but they can't, by themselves, show you everything that goes on in an event.  Either you go telephoto and get the detail you want on one bird, or go wide, and the birds are little more than dots.  Paintings suffer no such limitations.

Award-winning videographer, Steve Siegel, has crossed the line from recording video to applying that video to create paintings of scenes from the lives of birds.  We are offering his first two works as giclée and acrylic on canvas.  Each painting is composed from video footage.  Images are combined and refined as they are painted digitally by the artist, then applied to canvas via the giclée method, using state of the art, museum quality inks. Steve then finishes detail and shading by hand in acrylic to create the finished painting.

Only 20 of each of these paintings will be made, each one individually unique, painted, stretched, signed and numbered by the artist.
MILES TO GO BEFORE THEY SLEEP   20 x 30 inches.  Giclée and acrylic on canvas. Wood frame with gallery wrap.  Suitable to hang with or without additional framing.  $250.00 plus shipping and handling.

It's winter in the Carolina tidewater, and Tundra Swans have arrived after an arduous flight from the Arctic. There at the Pocosin National Wildlife Refuge they will find corn and winter forage.  Several lakes offer safe places for the night.  But they still have a way to go, and the effort is beginning to show, especially on the younger birds. A mated pair has been through this many times, and he steals a glance to make sure she is OK.  This sign of affection really happened and was captured on video.  You can see it at
WATCH OUT FOR THE POISON IVY  20 x 35 inches.  Giclée and acrylic on canvas. Wood frame with gallery wrap. Suitable to hang with or without additional framing.   $250 plus shipping and handling.

Red-headed Woodpeckers were once common on farms and in small towns all over the eastern United States.  Today they seek out more secluded areas.  This pair is depicted in the Carolina Piedmont, with the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains behind them.  The male has bashed a damselfly to pieces, and the female has a wood borer to feed the kids.  Like most colorful birds, the adults coordinate their arrival at the nest, feed the babies and leave quickly.  This reduces the length of time predators can see them there and realize what is in that hole.  By choosing a tree with a poison ivy vine twining around it, the birds discourage mammals from climbing.
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Purchasers of art always have questions.  Therefore the artist prefers that you order yours by e-mail, instead of the usual pointing and clicking. Please e-mail Steve Siegel at RM4BIRDS@YAHOO.COM. Your painting will take about 3 weeks to make.  No payment will be due until it is ready to ship.

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