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We spend a lot of time creating programs for public viewing.  Most of them are available to watch on the
                                                              Vimeo website. This page is your guide.
How Many Birds Do You Need?

The first Europeans to step onto the shores of North America noticed the abundant birds.  Their descendants never stopped chasing them.  They began as hunters.  They have become birders.  This story is about a few of them.
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Watch the program.
Birder's Showcase

Watch and relax.  Shot by a birder for birders.  Here you can
see what Raven On The Mountain has to offer when you just
need a bird fix.
Birding America At Thirty Frames Per Second.

It's a little out of date since 60 fps is the norm for slow-motion and 120 fps is common. This little movie does a pretty good job, however, of showing where video surpasses photography.